Thinking About Having Your Carpets Cleaned In Cambridge

So, you’ve decided to have your carpet cleaned in Cambridge? Here’s a few pointers that may help when making your decision. Since Cambridge is one of the main university cities you generally find a lot of students moving in and out of property regularly. For this reason, getting carpets cleaned in Cambridge is quite important for both landlords and letting agents.

There are also a lot of commuters that live in Cambridge and travel to London for work. Since their time is precious, they generally like to use local service companies to carry out a variety of jobs around the house from domestic cleaning to general gardening.

Since flats and houses in Cambridge are quite old, many people install wool or wool mix carpets (we’ll discuss more about wool later).

Important Info:
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Why Do People Have Their Carpets Cleaned?

There are a variety of reasons:

  • Moving out and need to get them cleaned for the landlord or letting agent
  • Moving in and want the carpets cleaned to remove dog, cigarette smell from the carpet
  • Had an accident and need a quick clean up.
  • Having a new sofas delivered and want to get them cleaned before they arrive
  • Just painted and decided to get the carpets cleaned whilst the room is empty
Moving out
Moving in
Whooops, Had an accident or general clean
New furniture
Just painted

How Far In Advance Should I Book?

Good and professional carpet cleaning companies are going to be very busy. Try to book as early as possible, a few weeks would be good. However, some estate and letting agents spring this on you at the very last-minute giving you no or little time to get your clean organised. If this is the case, when arranging for a carpet clean get in touch with local cleaning companies by either calling or via email. Most of these are one man bands and don’t have a secretary to answer the phone and reply to emails. Try to follow-up if you don’t hear anything after a few hours.

If you are completing on a house purchase, then ensure you get a provisional date booked in. This date can be easily moved if it is far enough into the future. Just ensure you keep the company informed of any changes in circumstances.

Renting vs Professional, Which Way To Go?

Let’s take a theoretical scenario. You’re moving out of rented property and your letting agent has asked you to get the carpets professionally cleaned. You have the option of hiring a machine and doing it yourself or getting a professional cleaning company in.

Most letting agents will require you to get the carpets professionally cleaned. This is mainly due to the tenant not doing a proper job by doing it themselves. In most cases, people either put too much cleaning fluid in or not enough. They also use far too much water and just saturate the carpet. This can cause problems further down the road as the carpet will take a lot longer to dry and will eventually start to smell.

The tenant then decides to call a professional out to get rid of the smell. This happens a lot and ends up with the tenant paying twice. Once by hiring a machine and then again when they hire a professional.

Whether the professional company is using a truck mounted machine or a mobile one. You will generally find that the machines have a very powerful vacuum that is able suck up as much water as possible.

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