Solar Panel Cleaning Peterborough

Solar Panel Cleaning Peterborough

We’ve been cleaning solar panels in Peterborough for over 5 years and only use the correct specialist equipment and latest pure water technology to get them sparkling clean.

It’s quite hard for you to clean this properly yourself since soap water or normal tap water won’t clean them properly and you can’t really rely on the rain to give them a thorough clean.

At Cleaner and Clearer, we use pure water technology that has no impurities and is applied be using a water fed pole brush to gently remove, moss, dust, dirt and grime build up.

Please call us on 0845 527 7101 to request a no obligation quote.

We Also Clean Conservatories

Using the latest in Pure water technology, your conservatory can be cleaned from top to bottom in no time.

Cleaner & Clearer specialise in Conservatory, uPVC Roof line and window cleaning. We are a well established company and offer a professional, fully insured service.

We strive for customer satisfaction therefore all of our cleaning services are of a very high standard.

Cleaning your conservatory regularly greatly reduces the need for repairs and maintenance. Over time, the accumulation of dirt and grime causes damage such as corrosion, fading and discolouration. You’ve spent a lot of money on your conservatory, why not look after it?

A clean conservatory really can make all the difference to your house, so make sure your conservatory is clean in time for the spring and summer months when you will be making the most of your conservatory.

Please call us on 0845 527 7101 to request a no obligation quote.

We Also Clear and Clean Gutters

You may think that your gutters just transfer water from your roof and into your drains. However, your gutter is actually part of your roofing system and needs maintenance like every other part of your home.

They also prevent damage to the your home by directing rainwater away from the perimeter of your home, gutters are the first line of defense against water seeping into your house. If your gutters get clogged up, then they don’t function properly. This will cause serious problems including water damage to your outer and inner walls.

Please call us on 0845 527 7101 to request a no obligation quote.

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