Is It Safe To Clean a Washing Machine With Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets?

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Introduction Believe it or not, you won’t actually do any harm to your washing machine if you by accident placed a dishwasher tablet in their by mistake. However, we wouldn’t recommend doing this if you’re trying to clean you washing machine.   If you want to use something a bit more refined and professional you could try the HG Service … Read More

What Cleans A Carpet More Thoroughly – Steam Cleaning or Dry Extraction?

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This is a very difficult question to answer. Whether you have your carpets steam cleaned or dry extraction cleaning depends mainly on what your carpet is made out of and the extent of how dirty your carpet actually is. Carpet Steam Cleaning If your carpets are heavily soiled, have a long pile and have been so for many months, you’ll … Read More

What Cleaning Products Would Best Work For Cleaning Laminate Flooring?

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If you went back 15 years, you’d find that most houses were fully carpeted. These days, it’s not so uncommon to see 50% of a household fitted with laminate and 50% carpeted. For that reason, this article explains the very different process of cleaning your laminate flooring to carpet. First of all, you need to remove the larger particles dirt … Read More

Looking Forward To The Week Ahead

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Really looking forward to the week ahead. Got plenty of work on and there are quite a few tenants moving before the bank holiday. We’ve always got space for more clients, so if you’re moving home and you need an oven cleaning or carpet cleaning. Give us a shout and we’d be happy to get you booked in. Related articles … Read More

Rent Arrears Increased In December Despite Falling Rents

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There’s been a sudden jump in the amount of rent arrears for the month of December. I suppose this isn’t really that surprising since it’s probably the most expensive month of the year for everyone. You normally find tenants either pay part of their rent and use the remainder on presents or don’t pay their rent at all. The cost … Read More

Rents Have Risen Sharply After Ban On Tenant Fees In Scotland

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Scotland has always bucked the trend when it comes to changes in the rental sector. The latest changes look certain to follow that trend. Rents have risen quite sharply in Scotland after announcements and the implementation of a ban on fees charged to tenants. This follows Shelter’s campaign a few months ago which encouraged tenants to reclaim their fees from … Read More