Cambridge Carpet Cleaning Hire Tips

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If you’re thinking about hiring a carpet cleaner from one of the supermarkets, here’s a few tips to help you out a little.

1. One of the best things you can do, whether it’s a rented property or your own, is vacuum your carpets regularly. By vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis ensures that small particles from either your skin (that form dust) or dirt from outside are removed from your carpet. It’s actually these particles that tend to entwine themselves within the carpet fibres and cause a massive amount of wear.

We visit so many houses where the carpet wear has been so excessive, that we’ve been unable to clean them because they need replacing. Once a week is just fine and be sure to use the small attachment that came with your vacuum cleaner to access hard to reach spots.

A "Rug Doctor" carpet cleaning machi...

A “Rug Doctor” carpet cleaning machine . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Check to see if your carpet has any wool content. This is really important since the chemicals you get supplied for the likes of Dirt Devil machines etc will likely be for carpets that have 100% man-made fibres such as polypropylene.

Here’s what happens when you use the wrong chemical on a woolen carpet:

* The carpet may shrink due to excessive wetting and you may need to call a carpet fitter out to re-stretch. Excessive wetting means you’ve applied too much water and the tip here is to use a small amount of water since woolen carpets take a lot longer to dry.

* If the carpet is too wet after cleaning, you’ll probably get that really damp smell after the carpet is dry. This may be OK if this is your own house. However, if it’s a rented property, your landlord/letting agent won’t be happy when doing the final inspection.

* You can actually damage the carpet by using the wrong chemical, so be sure to ask for advice from whichever centre you hire the machine from.

3. The hire company make their money from the separate hire of chemicals and additional tools. If you’re constantly moving home, be sure to either keep a little of this chemical back for the next clean or simply purchase some carpet cleaning detergent from somewhere like Wilkinsons instead of opting for the chemical sold by the hire company. This should save you money in the long run!

4. Once you’ve cleaned your carpets, make sure the house or flat is well ventilated. You can stick the heating on full or ensure that there are plenty of windows open.

5. Like anything you purchase, be sure to read any labels since there are many chemicals that are harmful to both pets and small children. The chemicals supplied with machines are designed to be extremely strong with a very high PH level (this means they are able to tackle really strong stains).

We’re not massively negative on hire machines. You just need to now what you’re doing in order to use them effectively!


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