Carpet Cleaning – Cleaning Mud From Carpet

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As long as we have rain we’ll always have mud. You could argue that it’s mainly your pets or children tracking mud into the house and onto your carpet. Either way, you’ll need to clean this up.

Most people realise that if you get to a stain or spot in time, you’ve got a better chance of cleaning it up completely. The faster you act, the better the chance of eliminating it.

The strange thing about mud is, you need to do the exact opposite and wait for it to dry. When it’s dry, attempt to pick up the large clumps that are easy to get back. Try and use a spoon or a blunt instrument. Try your best not to smear the mud into the carpet.

Once the mud is dry it actually turns back into dirt. Simply brush and loosen the dirt particles and then extract them with your vacuum cleaner.

Once all the dirt is extracted you may have a bit of staining. You can basically treat this with an over the counter spot cleaner that you can get in most stores or simply use a mild soap and water. Apply with a clean towel and then rinse. Repeat these steps until the area is clean.

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