Get Your Home Healthy with Professional Carpet Cleaning – Deep Clean Your Rugs and Carpeting Today

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If you feel that you cannot yet afford the carpet cleaning services then the best thing you can do to maintain the condition of your carpet is to learn how to deep-clean it whenever necessary. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Buy a steamer. You may also hear other people refer to it as a wet-cleaner machine and this type of equipment may be purchased from the department store or hardware store. But if you feel that this does not meet your budget then the next best thing you can do is to rent or borrow one. Just make sure you do have one to use as it is the only way to deep-clean your carpet.

Step 2: Vacuum-clean your carpet. It is still recommended that you do the vacuum-cleaning yourself. This way, you can readily ensure that your carpet will never suffer from dirt and dust accumulation.

English: Carpet Cleaning. Sample of carpet cle...

English: Carpet Cleaning. Sample of carpet cleaning in action. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In order to be certain that you have not inadvertently skipped vacuum-cleaning even an inch of your carpet, be strategic about your technique. Start from one corner of the room, move sideways and then go back to your starting position but drawing another line this time.

Step 3: Purchase a traffic-lane cleaner, which you may hear other people refer to as a pre-spray. This type of product must be sprayed profusely on heavily treaded and damaged areas of carpets. If it is your car’s carpet you are worried about, then you should use your pre-spray as much as needed. Do not rely on just the use of car shampoos alone.

Step 4: It’s now time to use your steamer for carpet cleaning. If you have been able to watch how professional carpet cleaners use steamers in their work, then the process – with you at the helm – will virtually remain the same.

Start by filling the reservoir or hose of the machine with hot water. While using the machine, you should also start using, say, your favorite carpet shampoo. Just remember to apply the shampoo according to the exact instructions that it comes with.

Step 5: Now, one of the essential points of steam cleaning would be to remove the highest amount of water from the carpet after being given a good “bath”. One way of speeding up water absorption for your carpet is to open and shut your water spray off. This should serve to make a water-extraction pass. You may need to keep on doing this until you get things right. The final outcome should have your carpet appear wrung out and dry although your hand still feels a bit of dampness from the carpet.

If you think that the entire process is just too much for you to handle, your best option would be to hire professional carpet cleaners. Their service is going to cost you some money of course but hiring them saves you a lot of time and will spare you from the hassle of doing it yourself. Not to mention, they can also do the job so much better than you ever could!

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