Great Tips For Organising a Family Clean-up Day

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Invite everyone to bring his / her favorite CD or cassette tape. Take turns playing each of the CD’s or cassettes. To be fair pull names out of a hat to determine order. Have a small certificate or prize for both the best and worst “Cleanup” music.

Gather supplies prior to the day of clean. Careful planning will allow you to have everything required on location once the day arrives.

Have some good snacks and drinks readily available for break times. Choose your families’ favorites. Having predetermined breaks will keep the family motivated to keep working.

Hide small tokens throughout the areas being cleaned. The those who have the most tokens at each break time receive an extra 5 minutes at break (Or think of your own reward). Warning use the honor code to ensure your family is actually cleaning and organizing and not simply trying to find tokens. (Yes, I know we ought to trust them, but after all we know them.)

Do not expect children who are too young to take part in heavy cleaning and organizing. Have work they can do available or create alternate activities that still help. Sorting safe items can be great for preschool and school age children. If several of your children are too young to participate consider working with a trusted relative or friend take care of them during the cleanup.

Turn the cleanup into a competition. Split up the family into equal teams. Separate up the tasks that must be carried out into equal jobs. Provide each team the same general level of work. The team that accomplishes the most by the end time will get an extra treat.

Turn off the ringers on your mobile phones, and let extended family and friends understand that you’ll be unreachable that day. A distraction might cause the entire job to fall apart.

Plan an incentive for when the job is actually completed. Take the family out to a film and/or dinner. Or if you are all too tired from your hard work, order a pizza and rent a movie.

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