Professional Carpet Cleaning: How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned?

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The frequency in which you need to hire professional carpet cleaners would ultimately depend on the current condition of your carpet.

Mild Staining or Soiling

In most cases, mild stains in your carpet can be resolved with weekly vacuum cleaning. However, you should also perform spot cleaning as soon as you notice any new stains marring your carpet. For areas that are subjected to heavy traffic, it would be a good idea to have them professionally cleaned every year. Mild stains left without treatment and proper cleaning may require restorative cleaning, which is best done every two years. In most cases, it is provided under warranty without any extra charges.

Macro shot of Berber carpet. Berber carpets ar...

Macro shot of Berber carpet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Normal Staining or Soiling

Whereas the aforementioned type of carpet is typical for couples-only homes or bachelor and bachelorette pads, normal staining or soiling for carpets are more commonplace with carpets in a family home that has kids or elderly members.

This type of carpet requires vacuum-cleaning sessions about once or twice a week, depending on the severity of your carpet’s condition. For spot cleaning, you must again perform them as soon as you discover any new stains or spots.

Areas subject to heavy tread patterns are best entrusted to the services of professional carpet cleaners every six to twelve months. Again, this would depend on just how much abuse your carpet had to withstand for the year. Restorative cleaning should be performed annually, on the other hand, to ensure that your carpet’s appearance is not affected.

Heavy Staining or Soiling

This is typical for families with larger broods or with pets as honorary members. It is also the type of carpet you would normally expect from homes where smoking is allowed inside. For this type of carpet, it would be better if you vacuum-clean it twice or thrice a week. This may seem like overkill, but it’s not. Similar to the other types of carpets, you should only let professionals handle the cleaning of heavily abused areas of your carpet. In this case, professional services must be hired every quarter or semi-annually. Last but not the least, there is restorative cleaning. This service gets more important, as the stains get even more serious and greater in number as well. Semi-annual restorative cleaning is generally advised.

Extreme Staining and Soiling

This is most common for large families who also have a few four-legged members with them. This type of carpet must be vacuumed daily as it is the only way to prevent dirt and dust buildup.  Because people are constantly walking all over your carpet, it’s impossible that a day would pass by when they are free of dirt. You should also – as always – perform spot cleaning whenever possible. There’s also restorative cleaning again. When it comes to extreme conditions for your carpet, restorative cleaning may be the only solution. As for heavily used areas of your carpet, you may want to hire professional carpet cleaners to perform specialized carpet cleaning methods every quarter or so.

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