Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Manual Carpet Cleaning

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English: Carpet Cleaning Before and After Image

English: Carpet Cleaning Before and After Image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are just two ways to perform carpet cleaning: you either do it on your own or you let professional carpet cleaners do it for you. As for which option is more ideal for your needs, a number of essential points must be considered first.

Condition of the Carpet

If your carpet or rug has not been cleaned for years and has suffered from a heavy amount of stains, then such conditions can definitely be considered damaging to your carpet, and in such cases, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service would be the best option.

On the other hand, if you are only dealing with brand new stains or a few days’ worth of dirt, then you probably do not need to pay for professional services just yet. But of course that is only for as long as you are indeed willing to work hard in giving your carpet a thorough cleaning. If you are not, then it is best to contact a cleaning service for it.

Carpet Value

Genuine Persian carpets or antique carpets are of great value, and anything that would prove damaging to their condition would of course result into a decrease in their value. If you look upon your home’s old but pricey carpets as some sort of investment, then you need to give them their due and entrust their regular cleaning and maintenance to professional cleaners.


How much time can you afford to spend for carpet cleaning? Unlike when sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning carpets is not something you can finish in a hurry. If you get too hasty, you may end up causing greater damage to your carpets. They must be cleaned carefully and thoroughly to ensure that every inch has been scrubbed free of dirt.

A standard-size carpet typically takes at least an hour to clean. After that, you need to make sure it is dried properly and in a safe and clean area. Otherwise, it would just dry with a new layer of dirt and dust stuck to it.

Even having your own vacuum cleaner would not be enough to give you a shortcut for cleaning your carpet. Professional cleaners also use vacuum cleaners, but they tend to be industry-grade equipment that can operate at far greater speeds and come with a wider variety of options for cleaning. And that’s just the start. Other equipment and supplies may also be used, but these are something you can only invest in if you will truly use it often.

Level of Difficulty

Sweeping and mopping floors until they are squeaky clean isn’t rocket science. You get a mop, drop it in a bucket of water and then start cleaning your floor until it is shiny and dirt-free. Unfortunately, the process for cleaning carpet is not as easy as this. There are so many do’s and don’ts for you to remember and you simply cannot afford to make mistakes or you will run the risk of damaging your rug.

Hopefully, with these reminders, you’ll already know whether you should do the cleaning yourself or hire professional carpet cleaners.

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