Professional Carpet Cleaning vs the DIY Option

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DIY carpet cleaning and professional carpet cleaning is as different as night and day. It’s not only in terms of quality or the kind of results you get – although that is certainly an important factor. The truth is, the differences show up even before any kind of cleaning takes place.

Equipment and Supplies

Obviously, professional cleaning services would already have all the tools and resources they need for effectively cleaning all types of carpets. On the other hand, with DIY cleaning, homeowners like you would have to shell out a huge amount of money buying the necessary items for this type of task. One thing you should know is that soap and water are simply not enough. In fact, they are not even safe to use for cleaning carpets!


Vacuum cleaning can get rid of dirt and dust, but it is definitely not enough to get rid of any kind of stain. For stain removal, you will need to undergo sufficient on-the-job training. Experience and theoretical studies enable professional carpet cleaners to determine the appropriate type of solution or mixture to use for eradicating a specific type of stain. If you make the mistake of using the wrong substance, such an error can be more than enough to cause permanent damage to your carpets.

Naturally, carpet cleaning professionals are beyond such rookie mistakes but DIY homeowners like you are not. In fact, mistakes are likely to happen if you insist on mixing and playing with your own custom-made cleaning solutions.


If you have an upcoming house party and it is for this reason that you need your carpet to be reassuringly clean, then there’s no time to waste, is there? If so, you should forget – even if just for now – about your tendency to do some DIY house work and go straight to the professionals for help instead.


Eventually, with the use of the best tools and supplies and with considerable experience, you may be able to deep-clean your carpets someday. But for now, you need to keep in mind that the longer your carpets are deprived of deep-cleaning, the harder it will be for the professionals to restore its pristine clean appearance and condition.

If you do not want your carpet to get damaged, then you need to seriously think about hiring a professional cleaning service. With this type of service, you will be able to enjoy complete assurance that your carpets are in good hands.

Moreover, professional cleaning services typically go beyond basic carpet cleaning. They will also take the necessary action to prevent their work from affecting any other part of your home or inflict damage on it. They will make sure that when they reinstall your carpet, it will look and feel brand new while not affecting the quality of your home’s indoor air. They will also perform the necessary checks to ensure if it is indeed completely clean.

As you can see, the best carpet cleaners in the industry won’t let you down with half-baked carpet cleaning service.

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