Rug Cleaning – How To Clean And Look After Your Rugs

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Our rugs serve many purposes in our household. There are a great many styles and shapes and they are more popular than ever. However, they’re probably the most over-looked item in your household

Area rugs are a fantastic way to liven up any room. With so many different styles and types it’s almost overwhelming when choosing which one is right for your home décor needs. But even though area rugs come in a large variety one thing remains the same, you got to keep them clean.

When maintaining your rugs the most important bit of information is to know what type of rug you own. You can do this by taking a look at one of the corners underneath your rug and it will tell you what the rug is made out of and how to clean it. Please  make sure you follow the instructions.

Vacuum your rug regularly, in essence vacuum them as often as you vacuum your carpet at home. Doing this regularly keeps dirt, soil and oils from building up on the rug fibres.

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