Shiny Silver Cutlery Tip

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If you’ve got a bit of spare time on your hands (joke) and you want to clean your silver cutlery the Grandma gave you. Here’s a suggestion that might just help!

Note: Please don’t use this for plated silver!

Grab yourself a plastic bowl and that aluminium foil from under the sink. Make sure the foil is the shiny side up. Then (if you have any) get some soda crystals and pour a half cup to full cup in the bowl and pour hot water to the (enough so that the cutlery is completely immersed in the liquid). Put on your favourite rubber clothes (wink, wink) and carefully place your cutlery into the solution.

Now stand back and watch in amazement as the cutlery turns a lovely bright shade within minutes of being in the solution. After they’ve been immersed for a few minutes, remove your cutlery and rinse them under warm water until you’ve removed any soda residue. Now simply buff to a brilliant shine with a cloth or duster. That’s it. Simple eh?

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