Slob Britain: Vacuum sales fall as we admit we're not as bothered about cleanliness as our mothers

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It’s a must-have for the spick and span home.

But the vacuum cleaner isn’t selling so well these days – partly because so many of us are a great deal less houseproud than our mother’s generation.

The number of machines sold has fallen by 800,000 a year – at least £60million worth – according to a report by market analysts Mintel.

Sales of the appliances have fallen as standards of cleanliness have slipped, the research has found.

The poll showed that the number of people who admit ‘they really care about the house being clean’ has fallen by 4 per cent to 77 per cent over the past five years.

The number who liked their floors to be ‘spotless’ also fell by the same amount to only 51 per cent.

It also found that the wealthiest social class was the most likely to tolerate dirt and the least likely to enjoy or care about housework.

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