What A Great Weekend For Spring Cleaning

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Wow! Who would have thought that this February morning would feel like spring. I hope you’ve got lots of things planned for the weekend?

If you fancy rolling your sleeves up and putting those marigolds on, here’s some quick advice.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning

Cleaner and Clearer Tip: It’s cheaper to purchase a general household cleaner that you can dilute, than using spray bottles. You can either use your sink or sink bowl and just fill with the cleaner and water.

1. Let’s start with those dirty dishes. Start by washing these up or place them in a dishwasher (if you have one). This will provide you with vital working space and a little sense of accomplishment in just that one job.

Grab your feather duster and start from top to bottom. At Cleaner and Clearer, we generally advise all of our cleaning operatives to start at the top of a room and work their way down. By starting with the dusting and finishing with mopping the floor (we’ll come to that later), you’ll find you won’t have to re-clean and only do the job once!feather duster

Don’t forget kitchen cabinet door knobs and handles (you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can clean these).

2. Take down curtains and drapes and stick them is the washing machine (paying close attention to the cleaning label)

3. Starting to feel hot? Why not open the windows and bring a bit of freshness into your home.

4. Now it’s time to clean your fridge:

More tips coming tomorrow…..

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