What Cleaning Products Would Best Work For Cleaning Laminate Flooring?

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If you went back 15 years, you’d find that most houses were fully carpeted. These days, it’s not so uncommon to see 50% of a household fitted with laminate and 50% carpeted. For that reason, this article explains the very different process of cleaning your laminate flooring to carpet.

First of all, you need to remove the larger particles dirt and dust which can be done with what we call a dust mop or a laminate dust mop. The cheapest we could find was on eBay:

What Cleaning Products Would Best Work For Cleaning Laminate Flooring?

If you want to be green and use safe cleaning products, you actually make the solution yourself by using a vinegar solution (1/4 cup of white vinegar to 2 gallons of clean tap water). You also have the choice of buying a nonabrasive household cleaner if you don’t fancy producing your own mock up version.

I’ve seen clients using a vacuum cleaner, which is absolutely fine. Just ensure you use the Henry type vacuum cleaner instead of a Dyson that has a rotating brush. This will most certainly damage your flooring over time by scratching the surface and leaving the appearance quite dull.

If you manage to spill something on your laminate, try and get it mopped up immediately. Glasses and bottle get knocked over frequently by children and pets and it’s advisable to ensure that these are placed safely on a table or side table.

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