What Cleans A Carpet More Thoroughly – Steam Cleaning or Dry Extraction?

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This is a very difficult question to answer. Whether you have your carpets steam cleaned or dry extraction cleaning depends mainly on what your carpet is made out of and the extent of how dirty your carpet actually is.

hot_water_extraction_carpet_cleaningCarpet Steam Cleaning

If your carpets are heavily soiled, have a long pile and have been so for many months, you’ll find that a professional steam clean (where hot water and steam are pumped into the carpet fibres and then extracted) is probably your best choice. Used in conjunction with the best chemicals, the dry extraction method would struggle to get your carpets as clean.


What Cleans A Carpet More Thoroughly - Steam Cleaning or Dry Extraction?

Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning

This is the process of distributing powdered chemical into your carpets. They’re then agitated and thoroughly vacuumed in order to clean your carpets. This system normally works better with a shorter pile carpet and is a little more economical over a small area. However, please don’t misconstrue the effectiveness of each cleaning method. Both methods work extremely well and it’s up to the cleaning company and the client to decided which cleaning method best suits the cleaning of their carpets.

If you’re unsure, simply ask your carpet cleaner which method would be best suited to your carpets depending on what the fibres are made out of and just how dirty your carpets are.

One Comment on “What Cleans A Carpet More Thoroughly – Steam Cleaning or Dry Extraction?”

  1. I think steam cleaning is the better choice. It uses water, but it doesn’t leave deposits like some dry extraction cleaning can, even after thoroughly vacuuming the carpet.

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