Why Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning?

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When you pay for the services of professional carpet cleaners, you are basically paying for the privilege of enjoying the high-quality results promised by experienced carpet cleaning services. Such services are something you, as a homeowner, would have difficulties doing on your own.

If you do not want to be troubled with such concerns, then it is best to give up trying to deep-clean your carpets on your own. Instead, why not just let the pros take over and keep your carpets wonderfully clean without any much effort on your part?

Now, professional carpet cleaners typically have a variety of methods to choose from when it comes to carpet cleaning. The first thing they typically do is to assess the current condition of your carpet. Performing such assessments is a skill in itself, which makes it yet another advantage of working with the best in this industry.

If you make the mistake of giving the wrong assessment, rest assured that you would find yourself suffering from a poorly cleaned carpet.

A professional assessment typically includes the following considerations.

  • Carpet type – What kind of fabric is it made of? What kind of stitching may have been used for its design?
  • Dimensions – Professional cleaners typically measure carpets in terms of length, width, and thickness. These measurements can help professionals provide you with a reasonably accurate quote as to how much you would have to pay for their services.
  • Soiling – First of all, they would want to know what kind of dirt or stain has caused your carpet to look the way it does now. They will also want to know when was the last time you hired a professional to clean it. Generally speaking, carpets are best cleaned (by professionals) every six months or as near to this as possible.
  • Furniture – More to the point, how much of it will have to be temporarily relocated to other rooms of your house? Furniture rearrangement is necessary if you don’t want them to be adversely affected by the chemicals and supplies used for cleaning your carpet. These substances may be beneficial to your carpet but it might be the opposite when it comes to wooden or patio furniture for instance.

Once the diagnosis has been completed, professional cleaners would then automatically proceed to determining the appropriate solution for your carpet’s needs.

  • Steam cleaning – This is the most common way to clean carpets nowadays. If you are aware of how people steam clean their clothes then the same process applies. Many DIY homeowners use this to clean their carpets, but it’s a privilege that comes with a hefty price tag. After all, steam cleaning also requires its own line of equipment.
  • Dry foam cleaning – This method is almost as popular as steam cleaning. Rather than making use of a pre-cleaning detergent, you will now rely on a foam solution that will then be poured on to the carpet in order to be absorbed for cleaning inner layers of your carpets.

Other types of carpet cleaning you can enjoy from professional carpet cleaners include encapsulation and carbonated cleaning.

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