You Ain’t Getting Your Deposit Back!

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So, I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning lately for guys renting (which is cool). However, there’s been a spate of people wanting you to work miracles with carpet burns and stains where several chemicals have been applied to try and remove them. All I’ve got to say is, STOP!

Carpet Stains

Trust me as you read this. If you happen to have the mishap by spilling that glass of red or your dog knocks over that cup of coffee. please do me a favour. Don’t use any chemicals on it at all. Simply grab yourself cloth and dab the effected area (better still use kitchen tissue to dab and mob). Don’t rub the area though, that’s where you reach the edge of no return. Even when we come to clean, it’ll be impossible to remove.

Smoking Burns

My advice (if you can). Smoke outside and encourage your friends and family visitor’s to. There’s absolutely nothing we can do about carpet burns and I guarantee you, your letting agent will charge you a new carpet if you have any.

So please, take this advice and everyone will be a lot happier 😉

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