These Cleaning Prices Are Crazy…..

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We always get nice compliments from our clients and are generally happy with the results. However, something strange has happened. Clients are wondering why we don’t charge more for our services.

I suppose the answer is, we didn’t realise other companies were charging more. With this in mind, we’re looking at our current pricing policy and will probably raise price towards the end of the month.or our services in comparison to other cleaning companies out there.

If you need anything cleaning this month from Ovens to Carpets, please call us today before the price goes up.

By the way, this isn’t marketing hype, we’re deadly serious about keeping up with our competitors pricing policies and don’t want to be known as the cheapest company out there.

Anyway, we hope you understand and thought we’d write this quick post to inform you of intentions. Don’t forget, any price change won’t happen until the end of the month!!


The Team

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