Elton Ovening Cleaning Job – Near Oundle and Peterborough

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Carried out an Oven Cleaning job in Elton yesterday. Elton is between Peterborough and Oundle and I’ve got to say I’ve only ever been through Elton, never stopped and had a look. What a nice place.

Anyway, I cleaned a double oven for a client which took me around 3 1/2 hours which is quite long for us to clean an oven. It was quite challenging since the bottom oven door wouldn’t come off and we had to clean around the door which was a little awkward and hampered us a bit.

However, we got the job done, the customer was happy and we moved onto the next job.

Even though we quote a couple of hours to clean you appliance, sometimes it takes a little bit longer dependant on the circumstances.

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