Peterborough Carpet Cleaning – Hire Machine Help?

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Question: We have hired a carpet cleaner for the weekend. We have followed the instructions and mixed the carpet cleaner with water and then using the machine sprayed it on and then used the suction to get it up. There is alot of dirty water going into the tank but after doing 1 room the carpet seems to look dirtier than before I know the carpet has yet to dry but has anyone got any tips or suggestions.

Answer: You generally need to put a pre-spray down on the carpet to break down the dirt held within the fibres. Then, when using the carpet cleaning machine you vacuum the dirt (combined with the pre-spray) up and extracting. You may need to go over the carpet a few times with the extraction machine until it’s clean.

If you have a carpet that is this bad, we advise you to hire a professional carpet cleaner to carry out this task. Hired machines are great for a freshen up, but for heavily soiled carpets stick with the professionals

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