Miliband Looks To Protect Private Rented Housing Tenants

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Looks like Ed Miliband has got his swag on for 2013 with ambitious plans  to protect tenants from “rogue landlords”. Don’t you just love the term “rogue landlords”.

English: British politician Ed Miliband, Leade...

This suggestion is actually not that new and several opposition politicians bring this up almost annually. In his keynote speech, the Labour leader called for a UK national register of landlords and greater power for local councils to bar these “rogue landlords”.

Since there is a growing number of tenants renting in the private rented sector we think it’s actually a good idea. At least these landlords will be accountable for providing great housing and living conditions for their tenants by being part of this register.

Apparently, 3.6 million households (which also includes a million with children) are now private rented tenants. This figure is a higher figure than those tenants in the social rented sector for the first time in almost 50 years.

 However, a large proportion of landlords rejected calls for more regulation. They suggested that they were covered by over 100 laws at present and didn’t need additional legislation.

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