Some Cambridge Roads Are Getting A 20mph limit

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20mphAs a business, we do a hell of a lot of work in Cambridge and obviously use the road network in and around the city centre. So we were delighted to hear that there may eventually become a citywide 20mph speed limit to the north of the city.

We can only assume that this is for safety reasons and as a company we’re all for it! Arbury, King’s Hedges and the two Chesterton wards have been selected because they contain some of Cambridge’s most deprived neighbourhoods. It’s hoped that this will improve the health of local residents and hopefully encourage them to walk and cycle to their destinations.

Apparently the wards have been authorised to go first and then a 20mph sign will be erected by January 2014.

The last wards to be added would be Market, Newnham and Castle, and it is expected that the 20mph limit would be completed citywide in spring 2015.

We have no idea whether this will happen or not, but look forward to future announcements for this £460,000 project.

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