Information For Landlords Regarding Tenant’s Rent In Arrears

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There is an existing range of safeguards in place in order to protect interest of the letting agents of landlords and landlords themselves under the scheme of local housing allowance. Payment must be made directly to the agent and their landlord where a tenant might be of more than eight weeks in arrears.

Under the scheme of local housing allowance, we do have the discretion of paying directly to the agent or Landlord, if:

  • The tenant does have difficulties in the management of financial affairs


  • It is necessary for the tenant to pay rent.

One should see to it if the agent or landlord is suited for the direct payment, when reaching to a decision of making direct payment.

Early intervention is the key of sorting problems of rent payment.

When your tenant’s runs away, it would be in arrears the other day. But it will be only for a day in arrears, if your agreement is for rent it has to be paid in advance within two weeks.

When your tenant’s rent is in arrears, immediately contact your tenant’s in order to discuss the situation with them. As soon as you contact your tenant, by doing this, you’re keeping on top the problem. Most tenant’s won’t want to  lose their home and they’ll be eager to sort out the problem in order to get their rent back on track.

If your tenant is unable to pay all the rent due, then tell them to pay whatever they can rather than missing the whole rent payment. It might prove to be helpful to come to an agreement and sign it, along with your tenant and keep a copy of it for your assurance.

A 14 day’s notice is a sort of letter that makes your tenant aware of the issue which gives them 14 days for its resolution.

Personal handling of 14 day’s notice speeds up the process, and just in case you aren’t able to do that, then you can deliver it through the post (recorded delivery). Make it sure that you have a copy of the agreement.

If your tenant’s rent is less than 21 days in arrears, then you must send your tenant a 14 day’s notice , in order to make them alert of the rent arrears.

Once you send a 14 day’s notice to your tenant, you can apply for the tenancy tribunal in order to ask to pay the arrears. You can apply for the tenancy tribunal before the expiry of 14 day’s notice.

When you give your tenant a 14 day notice, make sure that you have a copy of it including all the details of application form:

  • On the expiry of 14 day notice
  • date when it was provided
  • how was it provided; may be by hand or by post

Hope this helps and look out for more helpful tips in the future!

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