Rushden Cleaning Services:

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Cleaner & Clearer Ltd carry out various cleaning services to the highest standard.

Rushden Conservatory Cleaning

Using waterfed poles, we are able to efficiently and safely clean your conservatory windows and roof (free quotes are available for roofs) at a time convenient to you. We are also able to clean above conservatories where sometimes windows are hard to reach.

Rushden Carpet Cleaning

Using the hot water extraction method, we deep clean your carpets to leave them clean, fresh and looking great. We’re sure you’ve got better things to do than hiring a machine and trying to do it yourself.

Surveys have shown that after hiring a machine and doing it yourself, the carpets get soiled a lot quicker and the detergent can sometimes cause serious colour bleed when there are several colours in your carpet.

We thoroughly test your carpet fibres to make sure this doesn’t happen by using the correct chemical for your particular carpet.

Rushden Driveway Cleaning

This is one of the jobs you save for the weekends and never get round to it. Don’t worry, let us clean your driveway for you at a time convenient to you. We can also provide a quote to seal your driveway as well. Give us a call any time on 0845 527 7101

Rushden Patio Cleaning

Using the latest high pressure washers, chemicals and patio cleaning equipment, we’re able to clean your patio or path in record time. If needed we can also supply you with a quote to seal your pathway once cleaned so that weeds won’t grow through the cracks.

When was the last time you had your guttering checked?

To be fair, we very rarely think about the gutters on our home (too many things going on in life we suppose). In essence they’re “out of sight and out of mind”.

They may seem pretty insignificant. However, your gutters actually pay quite a considerable role in the structural integrity of your home. By keeping them clear and clean you are actually avoiding potentially expensive repairs in the long run.

A gutter system’s primary job is to guide the rainwater from your roof away from your walls and into the drain below. They do this with ease and with little disturbance to your daily life.

You generally only think about them if something goes wrong (i.e. they become clogged and full of debris, a leak or worse still, you start seeing damp appearing on both the inside and outside of your wall. This can sometimes result in structural damage if it isn’t fixed quickly.

It doesn’t really matter what they your gutters are made out of. In the vast majority of cases they are plastic, but often times they are cast iron or steel. Insurance companies recommend that your gutters are cleared or cleaned annually so that they can perform properly and also to avoid costly gutter repairs in the future.

Additional services:

* Block Paving Repair
* Chewing Gum Removal
* Annual Maintenance Service Programs
* Acrylic Resin Sealing & Back to Black Tarmac Coating

Call us 24 hours a day on 0845 527 7101

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