Sweeps Are Cleaning Up Again

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I came across a great article today about chimney sweeping. I thought this was a dying trade, but it seems these guys are as busy as ever….. CHIMNEY sweeps conjure thoughts of sooty-faced kids and their equally filthy mentors, smoky skies in Victorian England and more shocking still, Dick Van Dyke’s awful cockney accent in Mary Poppins. But the job … Read More

Thinking Of Cleaning The Gutters Yourself? You Need To Read This First!

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When autumn is in full swing and winter is just around the corner, everyone’s aware of what the subsequent big household occasion is.!!!. No not Christmas, guess again. Gutter cleaning! Everyone’s favorite family activity! OK, let’s be serious for a minute, gutter cleaning is irritating, messy, and may in fact be fairly hazardous. Your ideal possibilities are to both employ … Read More

Chatteris Carpet Cleaning Job

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Did a carpet cleaning job yesterday in a place called Chatteris. I’ve been to Chatteris a few times, but I’ve never carried out a carpet cleaning job. This was a tenanted property and the carpets were in a pretty bad state. I don’t mind doing jobs like this but the job is a lot easier if carpets are regularly vacuumed. … Read More

Get An Odour Free Carpet With Straightforward Carpet Cleaning Tips

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There are times when you’ve exhausted all your energy cleaning each and every corner of the home. You’ve cleaned the walls, the ceiling, the ground and the furniture. Everything is ideal, except you smell something unpleasant. Your carpet smells foul, however it appears to be clear. That is not an uncommon scenario, but not everyone knows how you can remedy … Read More

The Trick to Sparkling Window Cleaning

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If you’ve made a decision to take on the window cleaning by yourself, then there are a few things you should think about before you start climbing those ladders. The 1st relates to the equipment that you use because you should make use of professional tools for instance squeegees and applicators in order to get striking results. One tip that … Read More