Pressure Washing Techniques For A Professional Deep Clean

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Pressure Washing Techniques For a Deep Clean While the success of numerous household cleaning tasks such as patio cleaning or driveway cleaning simply depends on choosing the right cleanser for the job, there are some cases when the labour associated with removing a film or stain is simply too much. Perhaps the stain is bound way too firmly to the … Read More

Stainless Steel Cleaning and Repair

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It’s hard to say enough positive things about the possibilities for stainless steel in your own home. Worktops, worktop fascias, cabinetry and even stainless steel appliances, and other typical do-it-yourself installations are using stainless steel increasingly more for durability, maintenance, along with a clean look. All too often, however, home owners forget that no surface area is truly maintenance-free. Stainless … Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips – For Use In Your Kitchen

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Spring Cleaning Tips The words “spring cleaning” can make the neatest person cringe. They mean a lot more work. As if cleaning throughout the year was not enough. Spring cleaning is more than simply cleaning…it is deep cleaning. Something which the majority of folks don’t have enough time for throughout the year. Since my expertise is carpet, window and oven … Read More

Commercial Cleaning Services – So Why Make Use Of Professionals?

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Utilising a specialist cleaning company like Cleaner and Clearer for your business space is just about the most cost effective way to go. Why hire a couple of random folks, who are uninsured, and possibly untrustworthy, when you can go to a proven organisation with a decent reputation satisfied clients to clean your private office, or space. Also you can … Read More

DIY Oven Cleaning Tips – Advice From Your Local Oven Cleaner

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Let’s face it. Oven cleaning can be a rather laborious task at the best of times. But, if you still feel the need to do-it-yourself here’s some quick tips that may help. Self Cleaning Element You may or may not have realised this, but your oven probably has a self cleaning element on either the front, sides or top of … Read More

Peterborough Before and After Oven Clean Video 1

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Hi, This is an oven clean I did on bank holiday. This wasn’t the dirtiest oven in the world. However, you can see from the videos that we managed to get the hob really clean and the oven door looked like new. This video is before we cleaned the oven and hob. This is the after video showing everything is … Read More

Huntingdon Oven Cleaning – Before and After Pics 1

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Hi, Thought I’d post some more before and after pics since customers have been asking for them. This is an oven we cleaned yesterday in Huntingdon. I’ve got to admit, this is probably one of the toughest ones we’ve cleaned for a long time and it was also a rented property. We managed to get it sparkling, fresh and gleaming … Read More