5 Interesting Facts Your Letting Agent Won’t Tell You

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Now, before you read this article and get the wrong idea. These facts apply to very few letting agents we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. Unfortunately though, there are a few unscrupulous landlords and letting agents that give the vast majority a bad name and this article is pretty much calling them out. 1. Whether a Property Was Professionally … Read More

To Protect Or Not Protect Your Carpets

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  So the question was asked by one of our clients today regarding protecting their carpets. Most famously named “Scotchguarding” from the brand name “Scotchguard“. So should you have the protection applied after your carpets have been professionally cleaned? The answer is maybe…… You see, the protection that most carpet cleaners offer is only effective with a carpet made from … Read More

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Season Tips & Tricks

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We’re now in End of Tenancy Season which is unofficially May – September (our busiest time). This is the time when our phone is ringing off the hook with tenants desperate to get their flat, apartment or houses cleaned so they can get their holding deposits back. As you can appreciate, a stressful time for most parties. Here’s a few … Read More

What A Great Weekend For Spring Cleaning

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Wow! Who would have thought that this February morning would feel like spring. I hope you’ve got lots of things planned for the weekend? If you fancy rolling your sleeves up and putting those marigolds on, here’s some quick advice. Kitchen Spring Cleaning Cleaner and Clearer Tip: It’s cheaper to purchase a general household cleaner that you can dilute, than … Read More

How To Clean Burnt Pots & Scorched Pans

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Now everyone has burnt a pan in some time of there life, haven’t they? Well we have great news! Throw away those rubber gloves, put down that brillo pad and wipe that brow. At Cleaner and Clearer we have the solution just for you 🙂 This solution is chemical free, cuts down scrubbing time and most importantly, allows you to … Read More