Great Moving Tips For Tenants

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Moving can be a very traumatic time and sometimes needs military organisation due to how many plates we’ve got spinning at any particular point in time. So here’s a few tenant moving tips for ya! One of the most important things tenants must do is keep a record of everything that has happened during the tenancy. Write a separate log … Read More

A Big Thanks To The Helping Hands Group For Making Us Feel Welcome

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We just carried out an oven clean for the guys over at The Helping Hands Group and would like to say that we’ve never had such a warm welcome. They called us in to give their oven a once over since they’d struggled to get the oven glass clean when they tried 🙂 Anyway, it’s lovely and clean now and … Read More

Information For Landlords Regarding Tenant’s Rent In Arrears

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There is an existing range of safeguards in place in order to protect interest of the letting agents of landlords and landlords themselves under the scheme of local housing allowance. Payment must be made directly to the agent and their landlord where a tenant might be of more than eight weeks in arrears. Under the scheme of local housing allowance, … Read More

Professional Carpet Cleaning vs the DIY Option

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DIY carpet cleaning and professional carpet cleaning is as different as night and day. It’s not only in terms of quality or the kind of results you get – although that is certainly an important factor. The truth is, the differences show up even before any kind of cleaning takes place. Equipment and Supplies Obviously, professional cleaning services would already … Read More

Shiny Silver Cutlery Tip

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If you’ve got a bit of spare time on your hands (joke) and you want to clean your silver cutlery the Grandma gave you. Here’s a suggestion that might just help! Note: Please don’t use this for plated silver! Grab yourself a plastic bowl and that aluminium foil from under the sink. Make sure the foil is the shiny side … Read More