To Protect Or Not Protect Your Carpets

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SG_logo  So the question was asked by one of our clients today regarding protecting their carpets. Most famously named “Scotchguarding” from the brand name “Scotchguard“.

So should you have the protection applied after your carpets have been professionally cleaned? The answer is maybe……

You see, the protection that most carpet cleaners offer is only effective with a carpet made from man-made fibres called polypropylene and absolutely doesn’t work with either 100% wool carpets or a wool mix (wool and polypropylene) carpets. If a carpet cleaner hasn’t completed a test or applies this protection onto your wool or wool mix carpet, there will absolutely no benefit to you, the end consumer.

Only have this protection applied if your carpet is 100% man-made from Polypropylene, otherwise you’re just wasting money.

What Does It Do?

Contrary to popular belief, protecting your carpets doesn’t keep your carpet clean. Yep, I know, shock, horror!! The protection actually allows you to mop up any liquid spills within a matter of minutes. So, for example. You spill a glass of wine on your cream carpet. The protection allows you to go to the kitchen or bathroom and grab a piece of tissue or cloth, walk over to the spill and mop it up straight away. It doesn’t keep the carpet clean.

How Much Should I Pay?

I’ll be honest, this is close to a “how long is a piece of string?” question. How important is it to be able to mop up spills quickly. The prices are vast and varied and all depends how much you’re willing to spend. In most cases it is roughly 50% extra on the carpet cleaning price, so if you paid £100, the price would be approximately £50. As I say, this price will vary from service provider to service provider.

How Long Will It Last?

A good question. There are many bold claims on the side of the chemical bottles on how long the protection will last. In my experience it will last around 1 year before more protection needs to be applied (roughly the interval between getting your carpets cleaned again). So if you have a carpet cleaner making bold claims that t lasts for 5 – 10 years, that just isn’t true.


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