Happy New Year 2011 – Oven, Carpet and Window Cleaning Enquiries Soar!

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This year has started off great for Cleaner and Clearer. With our special promotional packages (on the right hand side), record number of people have been calling to book both our carpet and oven cleaning packages. Don’t forget, if you have an unusual combination or would like to chat about a specific cleaning service you require, you can call us … Read More

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners

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Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners If your dog has left you a nice little present, here’s a few things you can do. 1. If the urine is still fresh, get hold of a towel, fold it in two and lay it across the stain so it can absorb as much urine as possible. Try not to use paper towels … Read More

Oven Cleaning Tips – Cooker Cleaning Basics

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Oven cleaning is probably one of the tasks you hate to do around the house. It’s that job you’re always going to get round to, isn’t it? Just like your car, your oven or cooker needs to maintained and serviced regularly. Failure to do this can lead to several problems that include a smoking oven.

Rug Cleaning – How To Clean And Look After Your Rugs

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Our rugs serve many purposes in our household. There are a great many styles and shapes and they are more popular than ever. However, they’re probably the most over-looked item in your household Area rugs are a fantastic way to liven up any room. With so many different styles and types it’s almost overwhelming when choosing which one is right … Read More

Carpet Cleaning – Cleaning Mud From Carpet

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As long as we have rain we’ll always have mud. You could argue that it’s mainly your pets or children tracking mud into the house and onto your carpet. Either way, you’ll need to clean this up. Most people realise that if you get to a stain or spot in time, you’ve got a better chance of cleaning it up … Read More