Carpet Cleaning Tips – Removing Spills With A Wet/Vac

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With regards to carpet spills or stain removal there’s one handy tool that each homeowner needs to buy. The wet/dry vac. This fantastic little machine can sometimes be the difference in a fairly straightforward stain removal or a complete catastrophe.

How will a wet/dry vac assist you with rug spills and stains you ask? To be honest, it won’t simply remove the stain on its own. The wet/dry vac is not a magic eraser that may just suck up a spill or stain. But when utilized together with whatever method is required to take away a spill or stain, this tiny vac could show invaluable.

Before Attempting Carpet Cleaning

Before you attempt any kind of carpet clean. Use the wet/dry vac and simply extract as much of the liquid or soil from the carpet as possible. This basically removes excess liquid in and around the stain.

Lets say, you’ve spilled a cup of juice on your carpet. This isn’t actually a stain yet since it hasn’t been on the carpet long enough. It’s only a puddle at this stage. Your wet/dry vac will extract the majority of the liquid from the effected area which leaves what is now a stain. At this point you’ll add your chemical (stain remover) to deal with the stain, rather than applying the stain remover to a wet puddle.

After you’ve treated your stain, you’ll need to rinse and extract it straight away. This basically removes and chemical residue that may get left behind after the initial clean. To do this, simply pour some warm water over the treated area and then use the wet/dry vac, but this time you’ll set it to extract mode.

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