Cleaning Out That Rabbit Hutch – The Basics

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Nothing beats the fun that rabbit owners feel. They require a small amount of upkeep and are perfect as pets for your entire family. Cleaning up after them needs only a little bit. Here are a couple of tips on how you might maintain the cleanliness of your rabbit hutch.

1.The initial thing that you should do is to take away all of the equipment inside of the hutch like water containers and meals bowls, also get rid of any playthings that are inside. All of the beddings must be taken out so that it’s possible to start to clean every inch of the hutch making sure that every one of the corners are also cleaned by utilizing a solution made with a combination of vinegar and hot water.

2.After it is dry, proceed in getting the hutch ready for your pet. Line it with a number of layers of newspaper specifically the corners where they go to relieve themselves. This may present your pet rabbits having a strong and level floor to run around on.

3. Try buying some kitty litter to add to the newspaper lining around the hutch corners.

4.The next step is to lay bedding materials which may be wood chips, shredded newspaper, straw or a combination of these three materials. The most comfy bedding for your pet though is straw. In addition they love to gnaw on the straw which can also serve as food for them.

5.Then it can be time to put back the foods bowl, water container, toys and other items. When every thing is in order, you can then proceed to put the rabbits back inside the hutch.

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