10 Things To Do To Get Your Security Deposit Back In Cambridge

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In Summary

10. Take Pictures And or Video

take pictures with your smartphoneOnce you have moved out of your property and all repairs have been made and it’s nice and clean. Go ahead and take some pictures.

If you took pictures before you moved in then this will be great for comparison. This will ensure that you have physical proof of how you left the property after moving out.

There are a few cases where new tenants have moved in and have either damaged or got something dirty that wasn’t there or was in good working order when you moved out. Your pictures will be proof that you left the property in good order.

You can use your smartphone to do this if you like. Just ensure you upload them to something like Dropbox or Google Storage before you end up deleting them by accident. This way you will always have access to them and you will be able to share or email them if necessary.

10+. Keep The Communication Lines Open

If you haven’t been doing this throughout your tenancy, well now it’s time to start. If you have been asked to fix something you broke or asked to clean something that wasn’t cleaned on your departure, make sure you email your agent or landlord when this has been completed (along with photo evidence).

If you can, make sure the vast majority of your communication is via email. This can be used as proof of what was or what wasn’t said.

Doing this will speed up the process of getting your deposit back swiftly.

If all else fails, you always have the Tenancy Dispute Service. They will invite both parties to submit all evidence  before the adjudicator rules. With any luck it won’t come to this.