Great Tips For Getting An Office Cleaning Job

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Office Cleaning Job Tips

Office Cleaning Job Tips

One of the jobs which has remained available on the market in these trying times is office cleaning. Regardless of how many people on a company’s personnel are let go the workplace still has to be cleaned. If you are looking for a job, this is one that is secure so long as you are a good worker and are reliable.

More To Cleaning Offices Than Emptying Waste Baskets

Cleaning offices for a large company will involve working in a large number of offices and sometimes more than one floor. There is certainly more to cleaning than simply emptying waste baskets and dusting the desks. It requires knowledge of different cleaning products and just how they work on different types of furniture and floor finishes. You may also be asked to partake in window cleaning and carpet cleaning which isn’t normally what would be asked of an office cleaner, so be prepared.

Background Security Check

In applying for this position, you’ll be questioned regarding your knowledge and background in this type of work. You need to have with you, for the interview, a well-written resume and letters of reference. The letters must have telephone numbers where the people writing the letters can be contacted for verification.

You can expect to have a background check. There will be many valuable papers and personal items left within the offices and the company must be sure that they will still be there once they arrive at work in the morning. Usually, if your brush with the law was something minor, such as a traffic ticket or something that happened in your youth, It won’t be held against you for anyone who is up front about it at the interview.

Whether you’re being employed as a completely independent contractor or an employee makes a big difference. As an independent contractor, you will be required to furnish your own personal equipment and materials. Being an employee, the business will furnish these items.

A big business requires more than one person to complete the office cleaning, therefore you will need to employ a crew or else be working with others. Lots of people find excellent jobs working for several small businesses that have offices. That can be a one-person job depending on the amount of offices are involved and what their hours are.

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