How to Handle Bed Bugs in Your Rental Properties

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Bed bugs are small insects which usually feed on human blood. They usually get active in the night. They live in cracks in the floor, walls and furniture, bedding and mattresses. When they feed, they become light red and get swollen. They crawl with the speed of ant and can live without food for several months.

Bed bug bites are nuisance and leave you itching and feeling irritable. Scratching bites may in some cases cause infection. In case of severe reaction, consult your local doctor. They’re not so harmful, but you’ll definitely want to get this problem sorted out pronto! In certain areas they were found positive for MRSA and VRE staph infections which are very resistant to antibiotics.

Handling of bed bugs in rental properties is a very serious matter for both tenants and landlords. Bedbug infestation has caused a lot of tenants to cancel the lease of rent even foregoing the rent. Temporary vacation till the problem is solved is also used by some tenants, but in all cases, the responsibility lies with the landlord to ensure healthy living for tenants in all circumstances.

Bedbugs can be eliminated in a few steps. The first step is to wipe them with a wet rag and crush the little buggers. Killing these bed bugs and their eggs is a must, so never allow them to spread in other areas. Eliminate them by applying the soap water solution or vacuuming or using dry steam steamer.

Save a live bug in a closed bag and get it tested to see which pest control solution is effective in killing it. In the second step to remove bedbugs, apply the same pest control solution all over the furniture, bed, mattresses, floor and launder linens after vacuuming. Get the help of a trained and licensed Pest Control Operator.

The third step is to completely remove all clutter as most of the bedbugs live in clutter. Don’t keep old newspapers, magazines, books, clothes openly but keep them in sealed plastic bags so that bugs are not able to make a home in them.

the fourth step in handling your bed bug problem is to ensure all areas which have previously been affected by the bugs is to have them cleaned thoroughly

(only do this after treatment has been applied). Use vacuum cleaners, wash clothes in hot water and dry those on the maximum settings, non washables can be placed in dryer for high temperatures for at least 30 minutes.

Get a new mattress if the mattress was in the room. It’s quite hard for the pest control person to completely fumigate this, so it’s best to get a new mattress.

Firm determination and timely precautions will help you keep bed bugs away. Cleanliness.  Adopt all four steps and you shouldn’t have this problem again.

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Bed bugs

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