The Trick to Sparkling Window Cleaning

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If you’ve made a decision to take on the window cleaning by yourself, then there are a few things you should think about before you start climbing those ladders. The 1st relates to the equipment that you use because you should make use of professional tools for instance squeegees and applicators in order to get striking results.

One tip that is not recognized is you should never clean the windows in direct sunlight. By doing this, you will probably find that you end up with lots of streaks, which are caused by the sun warming up the glass while you wash the windows.

It’s also wise to use plenty of water when first using the scrubber on the windows. This will remove the dirt. And once you have finished using the squeegee, you should use a lint free cloth to wipe round the window edge to remove any water marks or spots.

But, window cleaning just isn’t an easy task. Aside from the obvious issue of tackling the set of ladders there are also other techniques used by window cleaning companies which can be tough to master. For instance, the way you hold the squeegee and the direction of the strokes.

Most people would rather leave the daunting task to professional window cleaning services. You’ll find professional window cleaners that will come and tackle all dirty windows to suit your needs. They’re going to know each of the methods to give you sparkling clean results and it will save you from having to clamber up those ladder.

So if window cleaning sounds a touch too much for you to handle, then hire a cleaning company to work their magic at affordable window cleaning rates.

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