What’s The Best Way To Start A Cleaning Schedule?

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So, you’ve got it in your mind that cleaning the house is important and you now want to work out some sort of cleaning schedule. That’s great!

Cleaning is pretty much a mindset. Unless you absolutely love cleaning (which isn’t many of us), you need to change your mindset towards cleaning by making it part of your daily schedule.

The popular thought is to blast it all in one day. However, if you’ve been at work all week with all the stress and tribulations that have been happening, you’re probably not all that motivated to blitz the house for 4 hours on your day off. So, doing a bit each day is the key!

Short 15 minute spurts each day

One of the best things you can do is set short 15 minute spurts each day. This may not sound like a lot, but 15mins adds up. By doing these short spurts, you can achieve a lot of cleaning around the house so that you don’t have too much to do at the weekend.

For example, you can empty bins (not just the kitchen, but all the other bins dotted around the house), place them in the wheelie bin and replace a removable bag inserts (where you have them).

Mopping the kitchen floor after washing up the dishes. Honestly, how long does that take?

If you have young children and you’ve just put them to bed. Try light dusting in a room before you crash out. It doesn’t really matter which room it is, as long as you choose one. After you’ve done that, reward yourself (I’ll leave that up to your imagination) otherwise you’re going to keep putting it off!

What's The Best Way To Start A Cleaning Schedule?Social Change

This all sounds like a complete social change for you. Guess what? It is! But, if you can get into the habit of doing a small amount of cleaning each day, you’ll find that you won’t have too much to do once the weekend swings around. Giving you more time to spend with the family or time to explore whatever it is you want to explore!

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