End Of Tenancy Cleaning Season Tips & Tricks

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We’re now in End of Tenancy Season which is unofficially May – September (our busiest time). This is the time when our phone is ringing off the hook with tenants desperate to get their flat, apartment or houses cleaned so they can get their holding deposits back.

As you can appreciate, a stressful time for most parties.

Here’s a few tips to make booking an End of Tenancy Clean go as smoothly as possible.

1. If you have been given notice or have given notice to your letting agent. Ensure from the get go exactly what is required regarding the cleaning of your property before you hand the keys back. Most professional letting agents will provide you with a list. Also ask them if items need to be professionally cleaned or whether they would accept you cleaning them.

Sometimes they require just the carpets and oven to be professionally cleaned. Which means they’ll allow you to carry out the general clean yourselves. In essence, this would save you quite a bit of money, so it’s worth checking out!

a tenant in a state of panic  2. Ensure you give yourself enough time to get quotes and prices from cleaning companies. I can’t tell you the amount of times we get called on a Friday afternoon with panic-stricken tenants needing a clean to be carried out by Monday (the following week) since they are due to hand the keys back.

Unless they’re extremely fortunate, this just won’t be possible since most cleaning companies book up as much as 2 weeks in advance.

Try and book at least 2 weeks in advance of your moving date, otherwise, you’ll be struggling to find a decent company to carry this out for you.

3. Many companies offer a part cleaning service. Ask for several different price combinations. I.e. Just the carpets and oven or just the oven and external windows. In our experience, it may be more cost and time effective to get everything done at the same time by the cleaning company. What people forget is the sheer amount of work that not only needs to be done to the property you’re moving out of, but also the one that you’re moving into. As you can appreciate, a stressful time.

4. Try to get the cleaning tasks carried out by just one company and not a slew of different ones and also get an email confirmation just in case they don’t show up. I’m not saying that this would be a massive help, however, it might go a little way in explaining to your agent or landlord why you may need a bit more time before handing the keys back. Hopefully it won’t come to this. There are some companies that just carpet clean and others that just carry out oven cleaning. Save yourself some money and ask for a discount for multiple services from one company.

make a call to your letting agent 5. Call the cleaning company at least 3 days before the clean is to be carried out to confirm that they will be attending on the agreed time and day. There are many disorganised cleaning companies that simply forget to put the date in their diary system (if they have one).

6. Ensure you get a full itemised list of what is included in the clean from the cleaning company. At Cleaner and Clearer, we give all our tenants a full itemised list. Everybody knows what is to be cleaned and what isn’t included. For example, external window cleaning isn’t done as standard, so please check beforehand otherwise this will probably get missed off the list.

extractor end of tenancy cleaning  7. If you book in an oven clean, ensure that you book them in to clean the overhead extractor too! In some cases, the extractor can take up to 1 hour to clean and will need a replacement carbon filter fitted. This isn’t always remembered and can often be overlooked as a quick and easy job. Nine time out of ten times this is a long a job I’m afraid.

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