5 Interesting Facts Your Letting Agent Won’t Tell You

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Now, before you read this article and get the wrong idea. These facts apply to very few letting agents we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. Unfortunately though, there are a few unscrupulous landlords and letting agents that give the vast majority a bad name and this article is pretty much calling them out.

1. Whether a Property Was Professionally Cleaned Before You Moved In

In most cases, you will need to get the oven or carpets professionally cleaned. However, were they professionally cleaned before you moved in? Hmmm, in some cases this isn’t the case.

Tip – Ask the question and demand that they are professionally cleaned before you move in.

2. Informing You Upfront That You Need To Get A Professional Clean

To be fair, this is written in the contract. However, there are some agents that won’t mention this vital detail until you are ready to move out.

Tip – Read your contracts in advance and ask questions where possible.

3. Bad or Noisy Neighbours

Unless your appointment is late in the evening, you’ll never know that Trevor next door blasts his drum and bass into the early hours of the morning. Ouch!

Tip – Before you move in, ensure you ask the neighbours what the area is like. This is something home buyers do all of the time, but is often overlooked by many new tenants.

4. A Serious Damp Problem Before The Repaint

Culture_shockA lot of unscrupulous landlords will simply repaint a wall or even room instead of dealing with that damp problem. The previous tenants left for this very reason and some agents won’t pass on this vital information.

Unfortunately, you won’t always know unless you spoke to the previous tenants. To be fair to a lot of agents taking on a new property are not always aware there was a damp problem in the first place, so couldn’t possibly inform you.

5. How Cold Your House Is In The Winter

You may or may not have experienced this. Some properties have those pesky storage heaters installed (that cost you a fortune in bills because you don’t get shown how to use them) or you only have those old wooden windows (these let out all of your heat whilst letting all the cold air in). When you’re looking round your next dream home, this will never get mentioned.

Tip – Check the heating and window fixtures. It maybe OK if you move into your new home in the summer, however, this will be a massive problem when the winter rolls around.

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