Great Moving Tips For Tenants

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Moving can be a very traumatic time and sometimes needs military organisation due to how many plates we’ve got spinning at any particular point in time. So here’s a few tenant moving tips for ya!

One of the most important things tenants must do is keep a record of everything that has happened during the tenancy. Write a separate log that lists each time that boiler broke down, or the time it took to get something repaired. If you can, keep documented pictures as well. This will help when you’re looking to get your security deposit back and you’ve got issues with the letting agent or landlord.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting you’re going to have any problems. It’s just part of a little back up plan to be prepared for anything.

Moving Out Of Your Flat

When moving out. Ensure you place cardboard or an old sheet in the hall and major walkways. You’ll probably take care of scuffing the walls or ensuring your shoes are clean. I can guarantee that the moving guys or even friends and family probably won’t. They won’t do this on purpose. It’s just they won’t take as much care as you will. I can categorically say that most damages are caused in the moving out phase of your tenancy and by other people other than the tenant.

In a lot of cases, tenants that are moving out of one property are more than likely moving into another rented

Great Moving Tips For Tenants


Moving Into Your New Flat

Ensure you do a walk around with the landlord and letting agent prior to moving in. Point out absolutely everything you feel needs to be mentioned on the condition report. A lot of letting agents actually record these now. You can either request a copy of the recording or simply make one yourself as you’re walking around


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