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You may think that your gutters just transfer water from your roof and into your drains. However, your gutter is actually part of your roofing system and needs maintenance like every other part of your home. They also prevent damage to the your home by directing rainwater away from the perimeter of your home, gutters are the first line of defense against water seeping into your house. If your gutters get clogged up, then they don’t function properly. This will cause serious problems including water damage to your outer and inner walls.

What Needs To Be Done?

Your gutters need to be cleaned out on a regular basis.

Why Do It?

Apart from looking after your home. Blocked gutters will lead to other serious issues with your home:

Water damage: As already mentioned. The function of your gutter is direct rain water away from the structure of your home. Clogged gutters will start to collect excess water which breeds plant life which in turn can damage your home by seeping into the foundations.

Loosened gutters: The amount of weight that your gutters can withstand is fairly limited. They’re not designed to withstand so much water. In time they will pull away from their attachments.

Vermin: Clogged gutters can become an inviting home to carpenter ants, rats and other rodents. If these pests are living in your gutters, there’s a chance they’ll make their way into your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Book Your Services?

That’s easy. Either call us on 0845 527 7101 or use the contact form at the side.

How Often Should I Get Them Cleaned?

Most of our clients have them cleaned once a year. However, if you have trees on your property or next door, you may need them cleaning more frequently.

Do You Have A Price List?

Since houses and industrial units come in all shapes and sizes, we need to give you a specific quote for your property. Don’t worry, we’re very competitive with our pricing!!

How Do You Estimate The Price?”

We work out the price depending on how many sides there are to your property. However, we do have a minimum call out charge. If you need a quote for a commercial unit. We are happy to come out and visit to give you a FREE quotation.

Do You Use Ladders?

Since the “working at height” law came in, at Cleaner and Clearer, we only use the very latest technology which includes using a powerful vacuum and industrial piping to suck the debris out of your gutters.

Everything is done at floor level and there is no need to check with your insurance company regarding workmen using ladders on your property.

There are times when you have debris growing out of your gutters and the machine can’t remove it. If this is the case then we are able to use our special gutter cleaning ladder to remove the debris manually.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

We give you a 6 month guarantee. Any problems, feel free to give us a call.


Gutter Clearance + washing out inside of gutter
Gutter External Clean
Low guttering I.E over bay window or garage
Whole conservatory


Gutter Cleaning and Clearing In St Neots

Gutter Cleaning and Clearing In St Neots

Areas we cover and prices:

Bedford Gutter Cleaning Service
Bourne Gutter Cleaning Service
Cambridge Gutter Cleaning Service
Cambourne Gutter Cleaning Service
Huntingdon Gutter Cleaning Service
Leicester Gutter Cleaning Service
Market Deeping Gutter Cleaning Service
Oundle Gutter Cleaning Service
Peterborough Gutter Cleaning Service
Spalding Gutter Cleaning Service
St Ives Gutter Cleaning Service
St Neots Gutter Cleaning Service

Would You Like A Quote?

Call us on 0845 527 7101 today or click on the button if you need a quote!

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