Our Pure Water Window Cleaning System has considerable benefits over traditional window cleaners methods:

*Superior window cleaning results

*Window glass stays cleaner much longer

*More windows are within reach for cleaning

*Conservatory roofs and atriums can be cleaned safely

*Health and Safety Working at Height regulations met.

*Superior Window Cleaning Results

Why is this pure water window cleaning system cleaner than traditional window cleaning methods?

Traditional window cleaning generally leaves behind a sticky chemical residue, which attracts fresh dirt back onto your glass. 100% pure water produces window cleaning results that provide a perfectly sterile finish and leave no streaks. Our customers now prefer it and wouldn’t want to go back to the old traditional way.

Since there is no detergent or chemical residue left on the glass, windows do not soil as quickly and the glass, thus, they stay cleaner for a lot longer. When pure water is used the impurities on the glass are held in the water, as the pure water strives to return to its impure state. The glass is then given a final rinse with the water fed pole to leave your glass totally sterile.

Window Cleaning Within Reach

Cleaner & Clearer window cleaners can now reach and wash windows above sensitive ground areas such as lawns, flower beds and even little Joey’s toy car without causing damage. Reaching previously inaccessible areas as not a problem with waterfed poles since they can extend to 65ft. This means, not only can we carry out domestic window cleaning, we can also carry out commercial window cleaning too!

Conservatory Roofs Within Reach

Conservatory roofs are accessible for easy window cleaning without fear of damage.

Your frames and sills are rinsed thoroughly with this system too! There’s also no need for us to climb on top of the conservatory, ajoining walls or on your brickwork. Therefore no damage.

Health and Safety Working at Height Regulations

Our goal at Cleaner & Clearer is the elimination of risk to our employees on your premises. Health and safety, working at height regulation concerns are not a problem.

Cleaner & Clearer believe that the pure water window cleaning system is by far the safest window cleaning method to reach and wash your exterior high windows. It can be operated by a single operator safely from the ground with no use of ladders.

Garden Care

The old traditional way of cleaning windows put unecessary deep ladder holes in your lawn and flower beds caused by the bottom of the window cleaning ladder. This will not happen using the new system.


Water fed window cleaning poles are better for the environment. Since there are no chemicals involved, your plants, pets and children are safe from contamination.

If you have any further questions or queries and would like to get intouch with us, please call 0845 527 7101.

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